To create an inclusive, barrier-free and rights based society for persons with disabilities


To enable persons with disabilities to improve their quality of life and to campaign for the removal of barriers which hinder them

About WOPD

Welassa organization for Disabled persons’ is a representative organization of persons with disabilities who are living in district of Monaragala in Sri Lanka. WODP constitute a majority of the member community, board, staff and volunteers in all levels of the organization. It includes organizations of relatives of only those representing children with disabilities, people with intellectual disabilities, and/or the Deaf, blind. The organization's primary aim is empowerment and the growth of self-advocacy of persons with disabilities. WOPD have an understanding of disability in accordance with the social model.



Executive Board



Vice President 2

Executive Member


Vice Treasurer

Executive Member


Vice Secretary

Executive Member

Vice President 1

Executive Member




Project officer (Finance/ Lobby and advocacy)

Assistant Project officer

Sub Committee


  1. Lobby and Advocacy team
    1. R.D. Dharmadasa (Convener)
    2. M.H.Kumudu Smapath
    3. Lalitha Disanayaka
    4. K.A.Krishantha Ruwan Lanka
    5. Krishanthi Sri Buddhi
    6. Upul Kumara


  1. Wellassa Sport club
    1. G.A. Dayananda (Convener)
    2. Rashmi Nilusha
    3. Dinusha Maduwanthi
    4. Lalitha Disanayaka
    5. K.S. Saminda
  2. Project Monitoring and evaluation
    1. W.M.Uditha Shehan (Convener)
    2. M.H.Kumudu Sampath
    3. K.W. Karunathilaka
    4. J.P. Swarna Malkanthi
  1. Research team
    1. J.M.Tikiri Jayawardhana
    2. W.M.Uditha Shehan
    3. Sonu Ridmal
    4. S.H.M.Shayamali Dilrukshi
    5. Dulep Sampath
    6. Nimal Gunadasa
  2. Branch coordination Team
    1. W.M.Uditha Shehan- Bibile Branch
    2. D.M.Lalitha Disanayaka – Medagama Branch
    3. J.P. Swana malkanthi – Madulla Branch
    4. Rashmi Nilusha – Monaragala Branch
    5. M.H.Kumudu Smapath – Buttala Branch
    6. D.M.Karunarathna -Siyambalanduwa Branch
    7. Nimal Gunadasa- Badalkumbura Branch
    8. R.D. Dharmadasa- Wallawaya Branch
    9. M.G.Priyantha Kumara Sewanagala Branch


  1. Management Team / Project Implementation Team
    1. J.M.Tikiri Kumara Jayawardhana (President)
    2. S.H.M.Shamali Dilrukshi (Secretary)
    3. G.A. Dayannada (Treasurer)
    4. W.M.Uditha Shehan (Vice secretary)
    5. K.A.Krishantha Ruwan Lanka (Vice president 01)
    6. Miss – J.P. Swarna Malkanthi (Vice president 02)


  1. Well Fair Team
    1. Nimal Gunadasa (Convener)
    2. M.Lalitha DIsanayaka
    3. G.Ranjith
  2. Media Team
    1. W.M.Uditha Shehan
    2. J.M.Tikiri Kumara Jayawardhana
    3. Dinusha Maduwanthi
    4. Chathuranga Primal


  1. Economy Empowerment Team (EEC)
    1. Mr Nimal Pathmasiri (Convener)
    2. Mr Krishantha Ruwan Lanka
    3. Ms Disna Rangeni
    4. Sisira Kumara
    5. Mr H.M. Hemapala


Branch Committee Members (2021-2022)

Bibile Branch

නම Designation
 Mr H.M.Dingiri Banda President
Mr. W.M.Uditha Shehan Secretary
Ms D.H.Kanthi Treasurer
Mis S.H. Hemaltha Vice president
Mr. D.M.Premarathna Vice secretary
Mr. J.P.Ariyarathana Accounts Inspector


Medagama Branch

Name Designation
Ms D.M.Lalitha Kumari President
Mr. J.M.Tikiri Kumara Secretary
Mis. K.K.Perera Treasurer
Mr. D.Matin Vice president
Mr. D.M.Nirosha Udayangani Vice secretary
Mr. K.A.Rathnawathi Accounts Inspector


Monaragala Branch

Name Designation
Ms Dinusha Maduswanthi President
Ms Rashmi Nilusha Secretary
Mr G.P.G. Premarathana Treasurer
Mr. P.V. Thushara Pushapa Kumara Vice president
Ms. T.M. Kanakeshwari Vice secretary
Ms. W.M. Disna Dilrukshi Accounts Inspector


Madulla Branch

Name Designation
Ms. D.M.Dayawathi President
Mr. G.G.Wirasingha Secretary
Ms. A.G.Gunawathi Treasurer
Ms. J.P.Suwarna Vice president
Ms. K.M.Lilawathi Vice secretary
Mr. Ashoka Ranabahu Accounts Inspector


Siyabalanduwa Branch​

Name Designation
Mr. R.M.pathirathna President
Mr. D.M.Karunarathna Secretary
Mis W.J.Somawathi Treasurer
Mis H.M.Wasantha Vice president
Mis D.Shashika Vice secretary
Mr. K.G.Siladasa Accounts Inspector


Buttala Branch

Name Designation
Mr. M.H.Kumudu Sampath President
Ms. R.K.M.Disna Ranjani Secretary
Mis R.M.Wasantha Rajapaksha Treasurer
Mis P.Y.Vinitha Kumari Vice president
Mr R.D.Nimal Pathmasiri Vice secretary


Badalkumbura Branch

Name Designation
Mr.  N.G.Nimal Gunadasa President
Mis. D.M.Ruwanthi Neranjala Secretary
Mr. R.M.Disanayaka Treasurer
Mr. K.A.Y.Gajadira Vice president
Mis. M.A.Shamali Nanayakkara Vice secretary
Mr. W.M.Wirasingha Accounts Inspector


Wallawaya Branch

Name Designation
Mr.  R.D.Darmadasa President
Ms. N.A.Ashoka Malani Secretary
Mr. G.A.Dayananda Treasurer
Mr. Upula Shantha Vice president
Mis. S.H.M.S.D.Samarasekara Vice secretary


Sewanagala Branch

Name Designation
Mr. K.A.Krishantha President
Ms. R.M.N.Samanmali Secretary
Mr. K.Saminda Treasurer
Ms. K.Rohini Vice president
Mr. M.G.Priyantha Kumara Vice secretary



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